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Monday, June 12, 2017

Austin Texas is not quite all sleek and modern

Sunday afternoon My daughter Beth and her dh Gary drove with me to Austin to  visit my brother there.   We chose that time carefully to avoid what we could of the very daunting traffic.  The great little East Side Café was our choice for a late lunch.  I had their enchiladas followed by Chocolate silk pie. I enjoyed that dessert there some 20 years back and it made a lasting impression.
After lunch Chale directed us and we toured a small part of downtown Austin. My brother's home is very centrally located in a small enclave of early houses.  As Gary drove the streets, the tremendous amount of construction was up front and in our faces, even extending to barricades out into the maze of one way streets and serious traffic  as the city reinvents itself almost hourly. 

A night view taken by my brother at a different time gives some idea of downtown Austin.

Yet right in the heart are lakes and bike paths and wide green swaths as the city is bisected by the Colorado river and blessed with the creeks that feed into it.

Our destination was a recently erected artwork by a renowned Chinese artist.
Below is a photo of the Al WeiWei installation "Forever Bicycles"

On the way to see this, we drove through  an area with beautiful old homes reminding me of New Orleans.  Huge and ancient oak trees, lovely pocket gardens, and carefully kept grounds show the importance these few remaining  blocks have within the modern city.  I would love to be able to paint there!  

My brother has a friend who lives down this path as the land slopes toward the creek. What a sweet place to be!   
And this shot is my brother's dear home, in a pocket of similar ones close to downtown. e


  1. Great to see your views of my dear city, Sister. You make me enjoy it all the more.

  2. Sounds like a wonderful visit. You make Austin seem very inviting. Thanks for sharing.

  3. The transformation of Austin sounds a lot like that of Nashville. But what a beautiful picture walk though.

  4. Edyth, your blog posts are always scrumptious. I have for sometime followed but until now failed to comment. Always so artsy along the lines I love. In fact, it has been your antique fabric and doll poststs which have been particularly inspiring. I really like this one about Austin/architecture and views as well.
    I am a retired art teacher who finds herself seemingly always planting or setting up a stillife in the garden or about the rooms in our house. If not doing that I am learning about antique dolls. Your's are so lovely.
    I must admit to you will that I've recently read so many of your archived posts that I apparently decided I knew you or something as I started to tell my husband something the other day and caught myself just before referring to you as "my friend." Hahaha I immediately remembered that not only have we never actually met but I've never even commented here after reading your most recent entry!!! So, let me remedy that right now. Ha!
    Thanks again for providing glowing inspiration for so many of us. :-)

    1. To my friend Deb! Thank you for those warm words. Shared interests can make friends across distance, I met my friend Dixie in Maine on the web, and have twice been to Maine to visit with her! Art is something we do, something we live right? Nice to hear from you, e


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